Door lock

Andrew Sarangan

Door lock problems may appear minor, but fixing them is not easy, especially if the door is stuck in the locked position. Getting in and out of the car from the passenger side is a major pain in the rear.

With the door closed, it is not possible to remove the panel to examine the problem. So, the first task is to try to unlock the door by inserting various long tools, coat hangers, welding rods etc.. through the window crack. To make matters worse anti-tampering devices will make this process very difficult.

Thanks to a youtuber, I was able to zoom in on the problem area and jostle the mechanism to unlock it. The problem was a broken spring, which was trivial to replace once everything was open and accessible.

Inside door panel before removal
After removing panel

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  1. Tom Griggs Avatar
    Tom Griggs

    I had the same spring break. Found a suitable replacement at Ace Hardware.

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